Business Management and Personal Coaching
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Get support and find solutions to perform at the next level with private coaching sessions.


Get an understanding of what Motivation really is and how to sustain it.


Manage those tricky workplace conflict situations more effectively.


Good Stress – Bad Stress! Isn't ALL stress bad?

Skills & Tools

Pick up some coaching Skills and Tools for your management role.


Be the person who understands the impact of change in your organisation.


No time to coach your staff? It can be done in 15 minutes for those immediate issues.

Graduate Programme

Turn your graduates and trainee managers into your stars of tomorrow.

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Welcome to the world of sjscoaching

Are you a larger company looking for a partner to deliver management training with a twist or some 1-2-1 Business Management Coaching to get the very best from your talent? You may be a smaller company with ambition and need some help to achieve the growth you desire. Or are you an individual seeking clarity on career direction and help mapping out the success you strive for?

We specialise in the use of work-based DISC behaviour profiling to identify individual personality styles. We deliver web based profile surveys, via email, direct to the recipient or to a client for onward distribution. These are ideal for coaches to use with their clients.

Here at sjscoaching we believe passionately that skills and techniques used by Executive and Corporate Business Coaches can be an effective toolkit for Business Managers. Our workshops use coaching skills to deliver a serious message in a fun and interactive way. Delegates leave with some coaching tools that they can implement in their management roles immediately.

For the ambitious SME companies or start-ups we can help you map your path to growth, define your "shop window", create strategies to push prospects to your shop window and drive your online presence.

With individual clients we can work on career management, work – life balance, confidence building and stress management. We even give you some tips on how to coach yourself.

So, whether you are a Corporate, SME or individual, sjscoaching have ways to help you.